Ninja Endurance Racing Training Runs

Mondays: Summerlin Runs at 6 AM

Runs vary from 3-10 miles depending on how far you wish to go. Ninja Endurance Racing always encourages runners to go that extra mile which pushes you to be stronger, faster and more importantly a force mentally.

Tuesdays: Summerlin Runs at 6 AM       

Speed work led by Alejandro Belmares. Interval training conducted to improve speed, endurance, race strategy, and improve your form. If you're looking to get to the next level these sessions are for you.

Wednesdays: Recovery Runs at Segemont Park at 6 PM

Runs are intended to provide a mild recess in training while still logging in miles. 

Thursday: Summerlin Runs at 6AM

NER is focused on the developing all its members into complete runners. These workouts will breakdown race strategy, form, breathing, and cadence that will be used in every racing level.

Friday: Runs TBD

Saturday: Red Rock/Summerlin at 6AM

Run will vary from 5-20 miles, we meet at the gravel lot at the exit of the scenic loop and begin there. Those that wish to go short simply do an out and back, those that want distance run the entire loop and make their way back to the gravel lot. Red Rock training is designed to throw every possible terrain at you in an attempt to break you.

Distance tempo run will be conducted in Summerlin commencing at the Palo Verde baseball fields. Distance will vary from 14-20 miles. Route will cover most of Summerlin, with the route starting by going up Alta to the North Tower Park and up to the barricades to Desert Foothills. Runners will cross Charleston Blvd and follow the road all the way to Red Rock Country Club.  Next runners will take a right turn along the bike path by the 215 and run to Town Center where those looking to run 12 would head back to Palo Verde. Runners seeking to run 16-20 would turn right on Town Center and head down to either Tropicana or Flamingo taking either street down to Hualapai and make left turn. From Hualapai runners have the option to go up Charleston or Alta.

Ninja Endurance Racing seeks to train your mind to overcome pain and finish strong that will lead to great performances in a race.

Weight Training

Ninja Endurance Racing believes a stronger body will lead to stronger performances on the road. We encourage weight training and meet daily for those that wish to hit the gym. Our members have access to several gyms here in town. Ask us and we can have one of our ninjas assist you in reaching your fitness goals.

Cross Training

NER has members with swimming and cycling background, as a result we encourage all our members to give their legs a break and jump into the pool or on the bike. We feel that this will provide you with some rest, maintain cardio fitness, but more importantly make you all around better athlete.


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