Rest In Peace
Chris Clark


Christopher Clark passed away at the age of 28 after complications from Valley Fever/Fungal Meningitis.

Chris Clark began his athletic career in 2007, after finding inspiration from the Olympics. He would begin speed skating, partaking in all levels except for ice. In 2007 he qualified for in-line Speed Skating Banked Track Championships on the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center facility. Chris would also compete in 5 in-line speed skating half marathons.

It was not till February 2011 that Chris decided to run his first race. As the races grew so did the interest which witnessed his training take on a more serious role. Over the course of the 2011 season Chris competed in 17 races, winning 4 of them. In December he completed his first marathon in 3:53 minutes at the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Half. A month later, Chris would compete in his first half marathon and would post a 1:32:55.

At the Summerlin Half Marathon in April of 2012, Chris would drop his half marathon time to an impressive 1:23:59 placing 2nd overall. The following month at the Run for the House, Chris would set a new PR, this time in the 5K posting 17:06 en route to a 5th place finish. At the City Impact Ventura Half Marathon Chris would set a new personal record en route to a 5th place 1:23:45. Chris' current 10K PR stands at 37:16 ran in 2014. At the Tucson Marathon on in 2015, Chris would set his marathon PR running 3:26:40.

During his time with Ninja Endurance Racing, Chris competed in 32 events ranging from the 1600m to the marathon. He would win six events during his tenure on the roster.

Aside from running, Chris also competed in speed skating where he qualified for the Winter Olympic Trials of 2018 and played piano, guitar, xylophone, bells, along with several other instruments.

In January of 2019 Chris contracted Valley Fever/Fungal Meningitis leaving him to have a severe infection of the spine and brain. On February 2nd, 2019, the disease caused Chris to be bed ridden without activity in his limbs, as well as being incontinent. On September 30, 2019, Chris suffered a major stroke , which cause him to slip into a coma and have bleeding on the brain and not recover. On November 2nd, 2018 Chris would pass away at the age of 28.

Heaven just got a little faster and happier with your smile and music.

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