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In effort to generate more revenue for the team and increase our budget, we will now be taking donations from not only members but boosters as well.

I know money is tight for some of you, but a small and humble donation would not only help Ninja Endurance Racing, but help get our name out in the local racing scene. Our mission is to continue to grow and develop not just here in Southern Nevada, but on the west coast. We want to offer athletes and opportunity to get to the next level, doing it in a positive close knit-family oriented team effort.

By doing this, we hope is to be able to allocate enough funds for our banquet in December for trophies, medals, certificates, team gear and much more for all our hard working members.

We also want to use this fund to help members who are unable to pay for races such as the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon & 1/2 Marathon, or any other Las Vegas Track Club event. Our sport can be expensive when you factor in gear and travel cost. We want to ease the burden of many of our members by assisting them when funds are scarce to compete.

Our desire is to compete at every event with a full roster in order to not only win team championships, but help bring aboard new members.

As always for any and all questions regarding team matters contact us directly at

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Team Donation Fund
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As the roster on the team continue to grow and expand so does the cost of maintaining everything. I have done my best to provide Ninja Endurance Racing with everything financially without it becoming too much of a burden on my pocket book.

However, between races, new uniforms coaching programs, travel costs, and licenses to sell team gear, I have bled our team account and my personal bank account dry.

I am hoping that with all the contacts and friends we have on Facebook, you will be willing to 1) read all this 2) help us and 3) continue to help this team reach its goal of becoming the best in the city.

If you're able to help us in paying for races both locally and out of state, new uniforms, new merchandise, and so much more we'd appreciate small and humble donations. We do everything electronically so YOU get a receipt, and you know the funds are being used for good

Thank you all!

May the course be with you all

- Alejandro

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