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Posted by Alejandro Belmares on January 6, 2014 at 2:20 PM

Greetings fellow ninjas/friends/teammates/partners/crazies/and supporters

First off lets start off by saying what a great year we had! All the hard work you each one of you did helped contribute to make it the most successful year in our now 3 years of existence.

Each one of you helped make NER become the most recognized team in the Las Vegas valley. Our presence has also begun to reach little bits of California (due to our racing performances out of state).

I firmly believe that 2013 was just the beginning of what we are capable of not only this season but beyond. By working hard together we will not only continue to thrive at every event we compete at, regardless of the level.

As a large thank you I strive to provide you the best prices and access to all running merchandise (30% off all retail/sale items via our online store AND items found on Eastbay). Through our online store we are able to generate revenue to not only pay for our website but equipment as well. Perhaps the most important factor is collecting of funds for races. WE understand that our sport can be expensive, and not everyone is fortunate to be able to compete. Because of this I strive to ALWAYS keep funds in our account. Through this, our less fortunate members can get shoes, apparel, and races paid for when funds are short.

Previously we sought donations in an effort to maintain afloat. To those who have given we thank you sincerely as you've kept our dream and vision intact. Yet, this is not enough. For this reason we shall introduce a monthly team fee of $5.

This fee will not only cover our website fees, lvtc fees, but the addition of a dietician (Amber Yudell) (for those interested), weight training director (Amber Yudell & Debi McGuire) (for those interested), and photographer (TBD) for major events, physical therapist and more importantly access to training plans from certified coaches (Christine Gentile being one) $5 is a small price to pay to have CONSTANT access to not only these benefits but many more to come! I am sending the first batch of invoices with the team fees tonight!

This year I ask that we use the motto "teamwork makes the dream work" at every training run, race, gathering and anything related to team matters.

Thank you!



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