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Posted by Alejandro Belmares on July 24, 2013 at 12:15 PM Comments comments (0)

**ATTENTION ALL Ninja Endurance Racing MEMBERS***

PLEASE NOTE that the Las Vegas Track Club's 17th Annual Legends of Cross Country race is NEXT Saturday August 3rd. Payments for this race are due by NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY JULY 31st! The race fee is $20. This rate is guaranteed for members untill then, otherwise you will be forced to pay the $35 race fee on your own OR the $40 fee if you register on race day.

Payments are being collected in cash to be given to the RD at packet pickup. Our roster has already been submitted with those competing in the seeded/open race.

Make sure you send the or monies or make arrangements to have it sent to Alejandro

**Race details**

5K Open Race starts at 6:45 a.m.

Seeded 5K Team Race starts at 7:30 a.m.

Location: Veterans Memorial Park in Boulder City

for more details or information contact us directly regarding the event...

As of now this is our roster:

Seeded Women:

Betty Cook - (45-49) (Age: 45) **

Theresa Guerra - (20-24) (Age: 20)**

Crystelle Schultz - (20-24) (Age: 23)

Dagny Signorelli - (15-19) (Age: 19) **

Seeded Men:

Thomas Johnson (15-19) (Age:19) **

Eddie Meneses (20-24) (Age: 20) **

Chris  Clark (20-24) (Age: 22)**

Matt Shelton (20-24) (Age: 20)**

Gamini Sugathadasa (40-44) (Age: 42 ) **

Michael Johnston ** (35-39) (Age: 37) **

Ray Fong (25-29) Age: 27)**

Alejandro Belmares (25-29) (Age 27)**

Open Race Men:
Arc Rufo (25-29) (Age: 25) **

Johnny Lopez (25-29) (Age: 29) **

Max Skidanov (35-39) (Age: 36) **

Gabe Dunkle (35-39) (Age: 36) **

Johnny Razo (25-29) (Age: 26)**

Open Race Women:

Carmen Barber (35-39) (Age: 36) **

Celeste Sportsman (40-44) (Age: 41) **

Isabel Guerra (15-19) (Age: 17)** [athlete will run unattached due to NIAA regulations]

Jennifer Smith (15-19) (Age: 17)**

**indicate CASH/CHECK payment has been received**

36th Annual Las Vegas Notch Run

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As of Friday July 5th the Las Vegas Track Club received a call from the USDA Forest Service saying that they will issue a permit for the Notch Run. July 20th is the NEW date for the race. Originally the race was scheduled for Saturday July 6th.

LVTC President Tim Kelly agreed to sign a contract stipulating that if the mountain was still on fire, then there would be no Notch Run. Let's hope that isn't how it plays out.

Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

17th Annual Legends of Cross Country Race

Posted by Alejandro Belmares on June 30, 2013 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (0)

The 17th Legends of Cross Country is just about a month away. All members of Ninja Endurance Racing will be competing in this event. It is the second of two events, members will be in full showing, the first being the Windy25 in April. This race will allow all club teams to compete in a seeded race. Members who do not compete in the seeded race will represent the team in an open 5K.

The goal for the team is to win the title in the seeded race, thus capturing hardware from every major event in the city.

Scoring for the race will be based on the top 5 runners allotted times. Tie-breakers will be used for the 6th & 7th runners. 

Team members will be given a special discounted rate for the race of $20 as opposed the $35 due to our active involvement with the Las Vegas Track Club. Members who are UNABLE to compete due to injury are asked to attend the race and assist in volunteering the finishing area, bag duty, and much more.

For any questions please email Alejandro directly at the NER email.



NER Store Officially Launched!

Posted by Alejandro Belmares on June 16, 2013 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Our web store has officially LAUNCHED as of TODAY!

Shoes are constantly being added, check in for the new colors and styles. Please note ALL colors CAN be attained, however due to bandwidth space may NOT be displayed.

Apparel will be added soon too!

Merchandise is constantly being added daily. Our store carries ALL running shoes, colors, types and sizes. All Ninja Endurance Racing members get an exclusive 40% discount while non members get 30% off regular retail price.

For more information about ordering from our store contact us directly at:

Find your happy pace on the road :)

Changes made for Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Marathon/Half Marathon

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After months of speculation in regards to new updates for the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. has officially announced their revisions for the event in 2013.

The first major update is the new date of the event which has now been switched to November 17th. The race moves up from the typical December date it held in the past. Futhermore this year’s event will have three races: the marathon, half-marathon and the new “Half of The Half” marathon — a 6.5-mile race. This opens the event to many more casual runners — and likely many more local runners — who will be able to soak in all the atmosphere of the Strip and the Fremont Street finishing area, even if they lack the physical conditioning required to complete a 13.1-mile or 26.2-mile race.

For more details regarding the event visit the event details page on the Vegas marathon page found here.

Please note that this event is no longer part of the Las Vegas Track Club Championship Series this season. Therefore we are not prioritizing this race like in years back.

Volunteers Needed

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The UNLV Women's Track & Field Team is looking for volunteers for several home meets held at the UNLV track this upcoming outdoor season. Help is needed for all home meets, but primarily for the UNLV Invite March 15-16, Randall Cunningham Invite April 12-13 as well as the  Mountain West Conference Meet May 9-11. Volunteers will be rewarded with receive the t-shirt of the meet, food, and enjoy close up viewing to the events and athletes as well. For any and all information regarding all UNLV Track events please inquire here.

Also free to email Head Coach Jebreh Harris at:

OC Marathon/Half Marathon Team Trip

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On May 5th the OC Marathon/Half Marathon will occur in Newport Beach California. NER will be traveling to Southern California that weekend to compete in both events. There are several members who will be partaking in the marathon while others the half.

For all those looking to travel to compete with us we are currently in the process for making travel accommodations. We are asking all those interested in joining for this event to contact us immediately as hotel rooms will be booked by the weekend of March 23rd. Any inquiries AFTER the set date won't be included in our original travel arrangements. However, we will assist all those who need assistance after the post marked date.

Currently registration for the event can be done here.

As always, if you have questions about this event feel free to message us directly at:

Team Title Defense at Windy 25

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Ninja Endurance Racing begins this 2013 season looking to defend four team titles for overall performance at local events. In all, the team only lost one open competition during the 2012 season. The titles earned were:


1 - Run Away with Cirque du Soleil 5K on March 24, 2012

2 - Windy 25 5K on April 7, 2012

3 - 17th Annual Race for the Cure 5K on May 5, 2012

4 - Running for the House 5K on May 19, 2012

In the month of October at the Seasons 4 a Cure 5K, Ninja Endurance Racing would come out as the top team to fundraise for local cancer charities. Our focus this season is to continue to remain competitive locally and out of state. Our goal is to defend ONE of those titles while seeking to capture the one lost.

Our goal is to be able to defend our title claimed at the The Windy25 Memorial 5K last season. Registration is now set up for all of us to register so go go go go! Let's show Tim Reilly how much we appreciate all this hard work for helping this race get started, and Michael Lee Johnston Jr. for getting it on the Las Vegas Track Club Championship Series schedule.  Our team page is now online and ACTIVE for the Windy25 Memorial 5K. T Simply go to the registration page and search for "Ninja Endurance Racing" and you will be all set to go. The Race is April 6th at the Cosmo. We ask EVERYONE to be there (even if you do not race) for an official team picture. Yes we will have a photographer there for this event.

Unlike last season, we were notified that this year the course has officially been certified by the US Track and Field.

To register for the event click here.

Financial Updates and More

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The NER account has been active and able to receive donations/pledges for all financial matters pertaining to our team since March of 2012. Over that span the account had received minor payments for team orders such as uniforms and tees for all members. During that span all additional funds available in the account were small deposits placed by our co-founder Alejandro.

In the months of June and July the team was able to collectively donate $1200 for team jackets ordered for our then current members. Following this purchase from July-September the account had little activity.

In September a link was established on our website and Facebook page to allow donations from all our boosters and supporters. Our goal was to raise income for not only our team for future races (at that point the Las Vegas Half Marathon), but the end of the year banquet as well. It was during this time that over $1000 was raised, ($1066 was raised to be exact), thanks in large part to donations from our members and several anonymous donors as well.

The month of November the account experienced a lot of activity due to the constant promotion by all our members. The team was able to raise over $500 ($539.65 to be exact) allowing us to enroll three members in the Vegas Half Marathon who will remain unnamed. ()Team gear was also ordered and printed for newcomers ($142.69).

Following December, we once more received generous donations from members and boosters helping the account blossom to over $600. These funds were all allocated towards the cost of food/awards/equipment for our second annual team banquet.

Our goal is to have every member contribute $5 monthly to increase funds but more importantly help pay for lifetime memberships for the Las Vegas Track Club. Our goal is to also use all the funds gained through these monthly donations to help PAY for future races so eventually ever member is automatically registered for every local (and when possible) out of state events.

Going forward all financial issues and responsibility will be handled by Priscilla Ortiz. She will be the team treasurer who will provide all members with monthly updates in regards to our teams financial settings.

A newsletter will also be emailed to everyone allowing all members to remain in the loop with all team affairs. The newsletter will also allow us to coordinate team gatherings, races, and all future events we wish to do for the future. Celeste Sportsman has volunteered to handle our newsletter and also include write ups for the monthly LVTC newsletter.

Finally, NER will be seeking to get more involved in local charity by providing community service to those interested. NER will partner with Safe Nest along with the Salvation Army to provide for those who are in need. For details in regards to this new chapter of NER contact Alejandro via email.

2012 Season Wrap Up

Posted by Alejandro Belmares on December 19, 2012 at 10:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Since January, every active member who competed went on to set personal records this racing season. These records account for every racing distance that NER has competed in, stemming from 5Ks all the way to full marathons. The team  became one of the most successfull teams in the valley after accumulating 4 team championships.

On a personal level one member earned  2013 Boston Marathon Qualifying mark, four members earned births to the 2012 New York City Marathon Qualifiers. 

Locally the team was able to win 20 local racing events, placed second in 3 half marathons, and achieved 1 sub 16 5K.


Our team roster has also grew dramatically from 9 members to 32 members. Currently our roster features 21 men and 11 women. Our youngest member is Hayden Daniels who is currently 8 years old, and our oldest is his father Bill Daniels whose 45. Our runners have come from all walks of life to quickly make us one of the most successfully and growing teams in the city of Las Vegas.




Our final WINNING tally tabbed out like this:

Thomas Johnson - 9 events

Betty Cook - 4 Events

Lisa Leonard - 4 Events

Chris Clark - 2 Events

Tim Reilly - 1 Event



Team Titles Won for Overall Team Performance:

Run Away with Cirque du Soleil 5K on March 24, 2012

Windy 25 5K on April 7, 2012

17th Annual Race for the Cure 5K on May 5, 2012

Running for the House 5K on May 19, 2012

 13th Annual Seasons 4 a Cure 5K on October 7th, 2012


Triathlon Wins

Lisa Leonard - Amica 19.7 Lake Lake Las Vegas Triathlon - 1:28:36:7.



Half Marathon Second Place Finishes:

Alejandro Belmares - Red Rock Canyon Half Marathon: 1:22:37 on March 10, 2012 & City Impact Beach Front Half Marathon : 1:17:05 on June 16th, 2012

Gamini Sugathadasa - Avi Laughlin Trail Half Marathon: 1:23:57 on March 31, 2012

Chris Clark - Summerlin Half Marathon: 1:23:59 on April 14, 2012


2013 Boston Marathon Qualifier:

Alejandro Belmares - Honda LA Marathon: 2:53:02 60th overall (in marathon debut) on March 18, 2012



2012 New York City Marathon Qualifiers:

Betty Cook - 3:32:34 - Zappos Rock n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon on December 4, 2011

Tim Reilly - 1:22:41 - LA 13.1 Half Marathon on January 15, 2012

Gamini Sugathadasa 1:21:48 - Zappos Rock n' Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon on December 4, 2011

Alejandro Belmares: 1:18:03 - Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon on May 15, 2011



Sub 16 5K:

Thomas Johnson - 15:59 - Del Sol Ragnar Relay 2012 - Last Leg which was 3.1 miles