Over the past year we have received several inquires about our team and what we require. We hope this post answers most, if not all of your questions.

Ninja Endurance Racing is open to anyone and everyone who is willing to not only grow as a runner but a person as well. We structure our entire programs and foundation on team unity. We train together when time allows and we firmly believe that we shall triumph and fail together. No runner is greater than another. We believe that those who succeed in this sport are NOT the ones who post fast times or win races, but rather overcome odds to FINISH a race and defy the odds. We also have the steadfast belief that if you find meaning in the running you will do, then perhaps you can find meaning in life. We believe in a collective and will always go back for you in a race and never leave ANYONE behind.


Our team is now entering its tenth year of existence and with that our desire to grow and develop as a team and compete at a higher level is a big priority. Our team has a few requirements if you wish to join our roster. The first and most important rule deals with our team's racing kit under our new lululemon sponsor. All members are REQUIRED to wear the kit race day since our sponsor has agreed to pay for the cost of all local races attended by the team. Due to our sponsor covering our race entries, members who commit to a race and do NOT attend the event will be subject to a fine equaling the cost of the race entry.  Failure to comply with this regulation can result in expulsion from the team following repeated offenses. The brand and team are counting on individuals having integrity and not abusing the good will of our sponsor. All members must represent the team at races they compete in, to help promote not only the sport, the team, but the brand as well. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.

The two exceptions to the race kit clause are charity races that may require you to wear their kit during the event if they sponsor your race entry. The second exclusion from this clause is linked to corporate sponsorship's obtained by our members through their accomplishments, that may require them to wear their logo on the team kit. Under these circumstances, members will have multiple logos on their kits to promote their specific sponsors. Failure to comply with this regulation can result in expulsion from the team. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.

Lululemon will also be offering our members exclusive access to merchandise and allow our members to product test new designs on a regular basis. Members who are given this privilege must report back to our sponsor with feedback in regards to the performance of the gear issued.


All current and new members will help contribute into our race funds with a monthly $10 fee. The funds allocated in our account not only pay for races for members but for merchandise as well. Our goal is to have more funds allocated for team trips, races, gear, race day pictures and much more. The more money we generate as an organization, the more merchandise we can have (this will include shoes and training gear in the not too distant future) and in turn provide to not only our members but boosters as well. We are also looking to hire an official race day photographer to capture all our members on race day, enabling us to share your moments with your supporters and loved ones with high quality images. 

We do want to stress and emphasize that our team is in the process of ordering more merchandise that will include jackets, bags and much more. You can find more information about that both on the Facebook page AND the website as well. Before sending your money make sure you are aware of the policies for the uniform and gear as there will be NO exceptions. All our members will be wearing matching race kits.

In an effort to ease the burden on running apparel cost and gear, all members are eligible to receive discounted prices on merchandise. Members of the team will have access to an exclusive discount at the Lululemon Downtown Summerlin location when purchasing gear that is not product tested to them. This discount will also include sale priced items.

Training runs are listed on our website and are used as a guide as opposed to a formality. During the season we coordinate MOST of our training runs via the Facebook page. We do have groups that meet up and train together. The bulk of our sessions are however in the morning hours. On top of training runs during the week, we also meet at the Palo Verde High School Track every Tuesday & Thursday for speed work sessions. Training regiments for these are designed and sculpted for improved performance. All training regiments are handled internally and personal plans are available upon request. We believe in quality over quantity and point to the past success of all our members in every racing distance to support our system.

We expect and demand loyalty to not only the roster but the team. Without cooperation from all our members, planning events, races, and gatherings is difficult. Teamwork makes the dream work. 

We hope this answers most if not all your questions about our team.

For more information feel free to contact us directly via email at: or visit our Facebook page. Also, feel free to ask any of our members about their experiences and they will more than gladly fill you in

Find your happy pace!

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